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Double Exposure Blackjack

blackjack double exposure

Double Exposure Blackjack is a variation of the classic Blackjack. In this variation, the cards of the croupiers are visible to the other players during the entire match. This is a good advantage for the players.

Nevertheless, this variation is featured by other rules which help the croupier to balance this situation. A maximum of 5 players can play Double Exposure Blackjack and this creates more interesting and considerable game possibilities.

This variation is played with 8 decks of 52 cards, which are mixed at the beginning of every match.

The rules of the Double Exposure

The rules of this variation are similar to the original version., a part from some details that we are going to look at together.

First of all, the two cards of the croupier are up-facing on the table. The croupier bets on a 16 and a 17. As for the gains, if there is equality between the croupier and the players, the croupier will win, except for the case in which a player makes a so called “natural Blackjack”. Moreover, the natural Blackjack is paid 2/1.

To split

Each player has the possibility to split the couples as well as the cards with the same value. The player can thus separate two cards of 10 points each but are not the same like a queen and a valet. Moreover, players can split a maximum of 3 times, setting up 4 turns.

It is important to notice that the split turns have the same value as their value before being split.

If you after you separated 2 Aces, a player receives a new Ace or a 10, then s/he does not make a Blackjack but s/he reaches anyway 21 points.

To double down

Who plays Double Exposure blackjack has got the right to double down only an amount of points cards between 9, 10 or 11. A player can double down even after having made a split.

The player of this Blackjack variation can double down with the cards down-facing on the table if they wish (still if their total points are between 9 and 11). If a player split a turn and s/he wants to double down after that, s/he will do it with down-facing cards.

Differently from the original Blackjack, players cannot have a sidebet, nor leave the game while it is still ongoing.

It is important to be an experienced player in order to play this variation. Indeed, you must use your strategy to make your fortune. In this variation the croupier has got more chances to win than you, a part from the case in which you make a “natural Blackjack”, that will make you win... It is therefore appropriate to not forget that you are playing this particular variation of the game in order to have more possibilities to win.