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Blackjack Pontoon

blackjack pontoon

Pontoon Blackjack is another variation of “classic” Blackjack. It is an English variation of this amazing card game, which is still nowadays one of the most appreciated online casino games.

Blackjack Pontoon is generally played with 8 decks of 52 cards each. The fact that there is a more consistent number of sabot increase the possibilities to win for the players, who have more probabilities to make it during this or that turn.

The rules of Pontoon Blackjack

The goal of the game is the same as in classic Blackjack, being able to defeat the croupier and having a turn that does not go over 21 points, in other words: to lick the bank!

At the beginning of the match, the croupier gives 2 up-facing cards to each player and 2 down-facing cards for himself. This increases the difficulty for the players who must make a decision without seeing the cards of the croupier. As for the value of the cards, it is similar to the system of the classic Blackjack.

Particularities of Pontoon Blackjack

  • The Split: in this variation of the game, it is allowed to split cards, even the picture cards which give 10 points. Example: if you want to if you have a queen and a king that is possible. By contrary, if you split 2 Aces, then you will not receive more than one card for one split turn.
  • The Sidebet: it does not exist in Pontoon Blackjack. If there is a parity during the match, the bank is privileged.

What are the moves to make in Pontoon Blackjack?

Common actions in Pontoon Blackjack have different names than in the classic version.

  • The Five Cards Trick is a turn of 5 cards that does not goes over 21 points, this is stronger than any other type of turn but the Pontoon. The rules of the Pontoon Blackjack favour the game of the players. The Five Cards Trick is, by opposition, disadvantageous for the croupier, since the players have an additional chance to win.
  • The Stick is used for the move “to Stand” and, like in the classic Blackjack, the croupier will not give additional cards to the player.
  • The Pontoon consists in a player having a turn with a card giving 10 points and an Ace.
  • The Twist, is the action of picking and the player receive thus a new card.
  • The Buy corresponds to the option of Doubling Down. In Pontoon Blackjack the player has the right to double time whenever s/he wishes and not according to his/her turn, as long as it is between 2 and 4 cards. This action is valid only one time par turn and if the player wishes, s/he can also pick a card after having doubled down.

And now, it is your turn!