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Blackjack Pok 21

blackjack pok 21

Blackjack Pok 21, is it Poker or Blackjack? What if this variation of Blackjack was in-between the two casino games?

Rules in Pok21

This game is played with 6 decks of 52 cards each. It is called also Parisian style Blackjack.

The player finds two compartments available on the table, to make the initial bet: a Pok compartment for Poker and a 21 compartment for Blackjack. S/he must on both the compartments on the semicircular Blackjack table.

Differences with the Classic Blackjack

We will now show you the differences between Pok21 and classic Blackjack. In Pok21 players have the opportunity to double down their bets and to pick only one additional card, if the two up facing cards they received from the croupier make a total of 9, 10 or 11 points.

Moreover, players can split those cards that constitute a couple but they will have the possibility to use only one card each time, once they have been “split”.

As for the payment ration in Pok21: it is of 1:1 for each turn which goes over the turn of the croupier without going over 21. If the player makes 21 points with the two cards: s/he double his/her initial bet. On the other hand, if the croupier make 21 points with his/her two cards, she gain the total amount of bets accumulated in the compartment of Blackjack 21.

This variation of Blackjack is played rapidly and you need to be strategist in order to optimise your gains!

It is thus a matter of applying the same strategies used in classic blackjack, while retaining the particular opportunities given by this surprising and popular variation.