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Bets in Blackjack

blackjack bets

In order to obtain the unit amount of a bet made in Blackjack, you simply need to divide your Bankroll (which is the amount of money that you invest at the starting of the game), into 300.

The result you are going to obtain, will define the unit of your bet.

It is important to remember that you must not bet money that you don’t have, since the Blackjack is a gamble game and if you cannot lose money, do not bet it! The card counting or the Hi Lo system can help you but they cannot make you win every time!

How to calculate your bet

An example to better understand: if you invest at the beginning 10.000€ of Bankroll then you will have 10.000/500 = 20. Then the unit of your bet will be 20€.

From the lowest to the maximal bet

There is an important rule to take into consideration from the beginning of a match and from that, in every situation. You should never make a bet which is highest than 5 bet units! This maximal bet of 5 units can be placed only in a specific case: if your True Count is 5 or more (we remind you that the “True Count” indicates the number obtained by dividing the total of the cards used by the cards still available in the sabot).

This rule helps you to avoid the risk to lose the totality of your Bankroll: Risk of Ruin or R&R.

Once you have defined your maximal bet, you can find your lowest one. Your minimal bet is the result of your maximal bet divided by the difference of the bets that you have placed at the starting of the game according to your conditions.

Gap between bets

This gap is important in the game, and it is thus appropriate to explain and understand it together. It consists in the difference between the minimal bet (the smallest) and the maximal bet that you make at the beginning of the game.


If a player chooses a gap 1/12 (it means that we are dividing the maximal bet by 12): the maximal bet will thus be 12 times bigger than the initial one.

If the smallest bet is 30, then the maximal will be 30x12, which is 360.

Thus, a good player who knows how to count the cards will be interested in following the game and using his/her maximal bet depending on the sabot and in opposition, decreasing his/her bets according to the cards still available. Nevertheless, the gap between bets is the best way for a casino to see those who counts the cards. Better to be discreet and to respect the rules of the casino in which you are playing.