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General rules

general rules blackjack

The Blackjack, similar to an old game called “the twenty-one” is a card game with a really simple goal: to win by get close to the number 21 without going over it.

The card counting principle is to follow the received by each of the players, in the attempt to adapt your own game to the cards remained in the sabot.

To get a Blackjack means:

  • A turn with the value of 21 (an Ace counted as 1 or 11 according to the player’s preferences and a picture card counted as 10). If the bank has a Blackjack too, you are equal.
  • The croupier’s total points go over 21, yours do not.
  • Your total points go over the croupier’s total without going over 21.

The Blackjack table

Blackjack is played around a half moon or bean shaped table. The blackjack table have different features:

  1. The bank, located in front of the croupier, handled by himself and meticulously closed, under the authoritarian gaze of the room’s boss.
  2. The sabot, a black plastic bottle containing the totality of the cards, which allows the croupier to make an easy and fast distribution.
  3. The rack of discard, created to receive the cards played during the game. Without forgetting the tip split.
  4. Finally, a Blackjack table can host up to 7 players, with whom the croupier have to deal. In blackjack it is common to use between 1 and 8 card decks, as well as coins for the bets.

Furthermore, some small signs indicate the specific limits of the table as well as its minimal and maximal bets.

Evaluate your game

In Blackjack, cards have the same value as their name: a 4 gives 4 points, a 8 gives 8 points, etc. Picture cards are the exception: if a 10 gives 10 points, an Ace can be counted both as 1 and as 11 points according to the player’s method.

In Blackjack, the Ace is the most important card. If your first 2 cards are an Ace and a card giving 10 points, you have a natural Blackjack. Contrary to poker, here suits are not relevant.

Blackjack variations

During the years, several revisions and variations of Blackjack have been made. Some of them have been lost, others disappeared. We advise you to avoid hybrid forms and stick to the well considered original Blackjack.

Would not it be a pity, to lose the origins of Blackjack, a French game which has been played since the XVII century?