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Blackjack’s components

blackjack components

In order to play Blackjack online it is necessary to get familiar with specific components that can be slightly different from those featuring the blackjack played in land-based casinos.

The inescapable components of Blackjack

The card game

The card game is obviously an essential element: you can play online blackjack with a maximum of 8 decks of 52 cards according to the specific variation you are playing (6 decks for the so-called “French Blackjack”, 8 for the so-called American Blackjack). At the beginning, only one deck of cards was needed to play Blackjack!

The table

The table is another constitutive element of Blackjack and it must be taken into account. It is configured for a maximum of 7 players per match. On the table, you can find 7 “spots” on which players can distribute their cards and proceed with their bets.

The croupier

Last, the role of the croupier is essential for a good proceeding of a Blackjack match. It is sometimes called “banker”, or also “dealer”. S/he must excel in the art of giving cards with an unequalled dexterity and an indispensable rapidity.

The croupier plays the role of a banker not only controlling every one’s bets but also returning them the winning bets.

Useful and often used material for Blackjack

The bet directory

On the game table, 7 squares are disposed in the spot of each player; these squares correspond to different values of bets on which players have to place a maximal or minimal amount of coins. In order to make the betting choice easier, for beginners as well as for players who have experienced largely the online universe of blackjack, a directory of minimal and maximal betting is available on the screen to support you when you select the amount of you bet.

The sabot

The sabot can be made of wood or plastic, it is a tool that is necessary to store cards and to distribute them to the player. Its capacity is generally around 312 cards.

The bank

The bank centralises the bet coins to redistribute to the winning players. It is a duty of the croupier to make this division.

The rack

As for the rack, it is a tool that is necessary to gather the cards already used during the match together : commonly called “the burnt cards”.