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gameplay blackjack

Before starting a Blackjack match, you need to find a table with a maximum of 7 players around it. Then you just have to bet your coins, before the cards distribution by the croupier.

Chips bet

You have certain limits in terms of chips’ bet within a Blackjack match. You can see on every Blackjack table a bets directory which specifies the minimal and maximal bets of that particular table.

For example, you can read 5€-150€ on the table, which corresponds to a minimal bet of 5€ and a maximal bet of 150 €. You can therefore choose your table according to the rules – which are imposed according to the bets.

Cards distribution

Once players have betted, the croupier can proceed with the distribution of the cards. S/he gives 2 cards to each players, which will be visible to all of them. S/he take only one card for her/himself, which is visible to everyone as well.

The aim of the game

It is important to know that, when playing, the croupier is your enemy: you do not play against the other players but against the croupier.

You have, thus, 2 cards face up available and you should get as much close as possible to the value 21, by picking new cards.

We can say that there is a “blackjack” when the player get 2 cards whose total amount of points is 21. In this case, the player will immediately get from the croupier an amount of money which is 1,5 time his/her initial bet: this will happen only if the croupier do not have an Ace as the visible card.

The value of the cards

Before start playing, it is important to get familiar with the value of the cards.

That is not difficult: the cards with a number between 2 and 10 have the value that is indicated on the card itself. As for the picture cards, being the king, the queen and the valet: they count 10 points each. Finally, the Ace can count 1 or 11 point, choice is yours.

The possibilities offered to the player

Once the blackjack on the table have been adjusted among the players with the 2 cards with a total value of 21, the game can really begins. Players will start speaking by turns, starting with the players who is sitting on the croupier’s left. Players have many possibilities, we give you an overview of them:

  •   First of all, you can leave: in this case you lose half of your initial bet.
  •   Your second option is to pick a card in the attempt of obtaining a satisfactory combination, as close as possible to 21. For any tour, the croupier will ask you if you desire one more card: you can accept if you want, by pronouncing every time the word “card”. However, be careful if picking a card you go over number 21, your bet is lost .
  •   It is also possible to say “I stay” if the total amount of your combination is a convenient one: as close as possible to 21, but never going over it.
  •   If you say “double”, this means that you would like to double your bet and the croupier will give you only one more card.
  •   Finally, you can still “make a split”, dividing your 2 cards in two different turns if these cards constitute a pair. You can therefore bet the same amount in the 2 turns. However, if you reach 21 during one of the turns, it will not be a blackjack: you will simply win an amount that is the same of your initial bet.
  •   If you have picture cards, or if the only card of the croupier is an Ace, you can “take an insurance” to protect you against a possible Blackjack by the croupier.

The croupier reveals his/her game

Once all of the players have spoken, it is time for the croupier to pick his/her second, visible, card. In the same way the other players do, he speaks.

Turn results

If the croupier obtains 21 with his/her 2 cards: blackjack! S/he gains in this way all of the bets by the players, except for those who have already had a Blackjack during the first turn. If the croupie goes over 21, all of the players who are still playing will get their bets.