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Blackjack’s vocabulary

blackjack vocabulary

To become a pro player in online Blackjack means first of all to master the jargon of this casino game. Here you can find a vocabulary to familiarise with the most used specific terms, a thing that is essential in order to better understand the strategies and the good proceeding of Blackjack matches.

It is also interesting to learn how to translate English words, according to the game logic you are use.


Bust or busted

This English term means that you have lost by going over 21.


It indicates a card whose value is 10 points. It can be a 10 or also a picture card like the king, the queen or the valet.

Burn card

The first 5 cards in the sabot are called “burn cards” and they will not be used by the croupier.



It indicates the two cards given to the players and the single card given to the croupier, which are visible to all of the players.

Double down

It is about doubling your starting bet and receiving only an additional card.



This term is used to define a turn of 2 cards without Aces.

Hard 17

This term is used to define a turn containing an Ace counted by the player as 1 point and other cards making a total value of 17 (for example Ace-10-6).


Possibility given to the player to ask the croupier for as many cards as s/he wishes, of course without going over 21, case in which the player will lose his/her bet.


Natural Blackjack

Anytime you make a Blackjack with the first two card that were given to you and represent a total amount of 21 points.



The term is used to define a Hard (a turn with no Aces), whose total of points moves between 17 and 21.


Situation in which the total points of a players are the same as the total points of the croupier.



Option that consists in keeping the cards in your hands since the total amount of points is satisfactory. Players do not want to pick cards anymore.


Tool used in the game of Blackjack to stoker the cards to distribute. It can contains up to 8 card decks.


If the card turned by the croupier is an Ace, the player can choose to take a sidebet which allows him/her to bet only half of the initial bet.


The term is used to indicate a turn of two cards containing an Ace.

Soft 17

The term is used to indicate a turn containing an Ace and a 6. It can have a total value of 7 as well as 17.


This option is offered to the player when s/he has got a couple. S/he can thus split the cards sp that they will be used in two different turns.


The term is used to define a Hard (a turn with no Aces), whose total of points moves between 12 and 16.


The player can choose to leave the game and s/he loses in this way half of his/her initial bet.

The vocabulary is essential to gain experience in the universe of Blackjack, but there is also a series of gestures which are extremely important in casino games and which it is appropriate to know.