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Probabilities to win

probabilites win blackjack

Blackjack is much more than a mere card game: it is a strategy game, where dilemmas tear you in two and choosing between your option is essential.

Keep your nerves and, here is a what you need to elaborate a strategy and become rich!

Blackjack, a matter of strategy

Playing Blackjack means to prove your concentration and analysis skills. If you are already familiar with the rules of this game, the you only need to excel in logic and to try the luck.

Cards in your hands, you are the master of your game. You choose, you reflect, you conclude.

Once the two cards are visible in front of you, you have to speak and make a choice between several options. You have probably heard the saying “you need to make your tongue turn 9 times before speaking”... This definitely gives you enough time to optimise your chances to win! You have several options, it is just a matter to make the best decision not just according to your game but especially according to the other players’ game.

The card counting: un undeniable advantage

Are you about to say “card” and pick several cards in the attempt to get as close as possible to 21 points? Or maybe you are up to “stay” and keep your cards the way they are for another turn? Unless, you do not prefer to “split” your two identical cards or to double your bet?

Try to use an infallible strategy in order to increase your probabilities of winning: count your cards.

Be as concentrated and logical as you can in order to apply this basic technique that will make a winner.

The card counting allows you to see through the sabot and check which cards are not been given yet. Thus, if you know that the cards you are interested in are still in the sabot, you can bet harder. The cards in the sabot are a considerable source of information, which is basic to elaborate your strategy. Remember to compare continuously what is in your hands with the croupier’s card.

Don’t be afraid! The card counting is definitely surmountable!

There are different techniques to count the cards, that can help you to avoid keeping the specific card that has been previously played.

In particular, the Hi-Lo method is about counting the cards according to a point system. You can give 3 kinds of points (1, 0 or -1) to the card given both to the players as well as to the croupier. This strategy is based on the balance between the points given to the cards: the counting starts from 0, and, the value of the cards increasing, it ends up with zero as well. This techniques requires the player to be comfortable with mental calculation.

Of course, elaborating a strategy of any kind demands not only a good logic, but first of all, do not overlook discretion! None of the other players and especially the croupier have to discover the signs of your strategy.