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What is the Bankroll? It is the amount of money that a Blackjack players holds at the beginning of a match.

The questions about it are what follows:

  • How to handle one’s Bankroll?
  • Which amount should it reach?

We are going to give you all of the answers!

Your Bankroll (committed amount of money) affects, after you have made your investments, the limit according to which you can play. Therefore, if you play regularly, the management of your Bankroll becomes more than essential if you do not want to remain with zero and lost everything!

A small advise: it is important to conserve details of the played matches, in order to know when you lost or won money and what were your previous bets.

How to handle your Bankroll

How to handle your Bankroll with Limit

The Bankroll, as far as concerns matches with limit, is characterised by the blinds, which are indeed the biggest bet you can make without throwing again.

Therefore, when you play a Hold’Hem limit match It is highly appropriate to own at least 300 blinds in your Bankroll. You will be able, in this way, to manage more easily the fluctuations that can be more or less important during the match.

How to handle your Bankroll with no Limit

There are not pre-defined rules in No-Limit Blackjack.

Nonetheless, in order to handle better you Bankroll and being safe, it is opportune to not play more than the 5% of it during one single match and to take into consideration the totality of your Bankroll.

How to handle your Bankroll in tournaments and SaG (Sit and Go)

The Bankroll, in order to enter a tournament must be of minimum 50 pay-in!

Thus, if you play a tournament with 1€, you still will have a Bankroll of minimum 50€. As we have seen in the variation previously took into consideration, it is appropriate and important to not invest more than the 5% in one single tournament.

As for the buy-in of your SaG, in the attempt to be more meticulous, you do not have to go over the 3% of your personal bankroll.

To summarise

Your Bankroll is the total amount of money that you have put aside to play and that you need to handle. It is proper to be wise and to reflect on how different types of Bankroll works and on the different modalities to handle it that we have listed.

Be careful, Blackjack is anyway and first of all a game of chance and in which everyone can lose! Therefore, you mustn’t play the money that you cannot lose! Play according to your methods and not following others... Define by yourself your limit of loss and goals you want to achieve.