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Card counting in Blackjack

card counting blackjack

Blackjack is still the most appreciated casino table game. Indeed, there is nothing better than this to lick the bank!

Counting the cards in Blackjack will give you more chances to defeat the bank. Let’s see together an example of what we are talking about.

The principle: a point system

There are different systems of card counting. You do not need to know all of the cards by heart. Indeed, a point system is applied to each card, and the players can thus follow the point calculation when the croupier is giving the cards.

It is important to focus on the cards one by one, it is all about strategy and concentration. The probabilities of gain evolve turn by turn. Indeed, the composition of the sabot changes any time, affecting therefore the decisions of all of the card counters.

The value of the cards

Every card is numbered from 2 to 10 according to its nominal value, which is the value that is written on it. As for the picture cards (valets, queens and kings), they are counted as 10 points. The Ace can be counted as 1 or as 11 points, according to the strategy of the player.

The vector: the obtained ration

By counting you obtain the quota of strong and weak cards that are still available.

If someone shows that there are strong cards left, you can say that the sabot is in favour of the player. The counter who has follow the match can thus increase his/her bets, since s/he knows, thank to a mathematic logic, that the cards are favourable.

The croupier will thus “burst” (going over 21) faster and with no doubts. The counters can make several Blackjacks and start to place higher bets. This does not insure to win systematically, but the chances are indeed more numerous.

By contrast, when the count decreases, which means that it is negative or equal to 0, it is better for you to bet less since this time the casino is in advantage.

Las Vegas 21

The movie Las Vegas 21 is an excellent portrait of the card counting...It shows the card counting made by a group of students who are elaborating this technique in team with the attempt to increase the chances to win in a casino. Many teams have used this type of stratagem in order to hide the counting.

In the attempt to summarise you the advantages of this method, the card counting allows the player to improve his/her strategy according to those cards who remain in the sabot and to bet when the player is in advantage! And now is time for you to discover (if you are a beginner) or to re-discover. Thank to this technique this amazing card game and to win against the casino!

With this method, you do not have to do anything else than playing. One single key word: Count!