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Strategic Principles

strategic principles

In the attempt to be efficient when playing Blackjack, to increase your chances to win or maybe to decrease the possibilities of being defeated by the croupier: you need to know if it is more appropriate to act according to the fate, to probabilistic and mathematic theories or to strategies elaborated through real game experiences.

What is sure, is that probabilistic theories do not increase your luck; you need to know how to control your gambling, handle the game, whatever are the cards in your hands.

In order to do so, it is important to go back to the goal of the game: you want to defeat your enemy, which is the croupier.

You can defeat the croupier in two different modalities:

  • To get a turn whose amount is higher than the croupier’s turn, still without going over 21 points;
  • To win when the croupier him/herself goes over 21.

How to make the croupier lose

In terms of strategy, it is essential to not focus only on the attempt to have the highest turn: in doing so, you increase the possibilities to go over 21 points.

A small reminder is essential: if you go over 21 points, we have what we called a “bust” turn: the game ends for you and you lose the totality of your bet. This mistake is common among a large group of players, especially beginners: you must not focus on the possibility to win by making a higher turn than the croupier.

Another option is possible: explore it!

Make the right choice

It is thus a matter of staying into the competition, of choosing between the options of “Picking a card” or “Standing” or again “doubling down”, according to what turns you have: all of that, in order to have a turn in which the total amount is lower, always lower than the croupier’s one.

In this way, the croupier is tented to increase the value of his/her turn, in order to make it higher than yours: in doing so s/he risks to go over the famous 21. In this case you win, without having reached 21 and without being the closest of the 2 to 21.

It is better not to be too much greedy in Blackjack, trying to reach a turn with an high value. Strategic principles advise you to maintain a lower turn to protect your bet.