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English roulette (European)

english roulette

An introduction to the English roulette

The English roulette is one of the variations of the game, similar to the French roulette (which is also called European roulette).

Its rules are easy to learn, for advanced players as well as for beginners. Specific components make it different from the French roulette: in particular, the number of players is limited to 8, while in the French roulette the number is unlimited.

Each player has got a pile of chips of a specific colour, a thing that is essential to avoid any mistake of confusion by the croupier.

The English roulette gives an essential advantage to players compared to other variations of the game: it allows you to win more considerable amounts, more rapidly.

Here you have the opportunity to get familiar with this popular and attractive variation of the game.

Goal of the English roulette

The goal of this variation of the game is the same as the other ones: to bet on the winning number and/or the type of number (colour, even or odd, between 1 and 12...) in order to multiply your bet to the maximum and get the highest amount.

Proceeding of the English roulette

Around an English roulette table, we can find a croupier and a game supervisor. Eight players take then their own piles of chips adapted to the specific table on which they are playing, each one of a different colour.

  1. Players place their bets, especially for the simple chances matches.
  2. Once all of the initial bets are placed, the croupier says the popular sentence “no more bets”. S/he then makes the wheel turn counter clockwise and throws the white marble clockwise.
  3. As soon as the marble stops, the croupier announces the winning number and colour.

Betting in the English roulette

In this variation of the game, bets are elaborated according to the same principles of the French roulette. Therefore, the most frequent bets are Straight Up bets, Split bets or Carré bets, which allows players to win the best amounts.

You should thus remember that forecasts do not exist in English roulette.