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French roulette (European)

french roulette

An introduction to the French roulette

The French roulette, known also as European roulette, is one of the most popular variations of the game.

The wheel is composed of 37 compartments, numbered from 1 to 36 and alternatively coloured of black and red. As for the other compartment, it is green with the number 0.

Differently from the American roulette. The French one does not have a compartment with the number 00.

Goal in French roulette

The principle of this roulette is to bet pile of chips on the winning number and/or the type of number (colour, even or odd, between 1 and 12...).

Proceeding of the French roulette

During a French roulette match, there are 3 croupiers and a supervisor around the table to assure the good proceeding of the game. The number of players in this type of roulette is unlimited.

When all the players have made their game, one of the croupiers says the popular sentence “No more bets” . S/he then need to make the wheel turn counter clockwise and throw the small white marble, on which players and croupiers will focus their gaze, clockwise this time. As soon as this marble stops on a compartment of the wheel, the croupier announces if the number is red or black, even or odd, and also if it is in the low or the high part of the table. At the same time, s/he provides this information on the game carpet.

Betting in French roulette

Players bet on simple chances.

Bets in French roulette are elaborated according to different game types that correspond to different situations on the game carpet.

Here an overview of the most frequent bets:

  •   The Straight Up bet is a bet on the number itself and it allows to get the most considerable gain: 35 times the initial bet.
  •   As for the Split bet, it corresponds to a line between to numbers.
  •   Similarly, the Transversal bet consists in a row of 3 numbers.
  •   The bet called Carré corresponds to the intersection of 4 numbers and it allows you to win an amount of 8 times the initial bet.
  •   The forms of game Split Dozen and Split Column are the ones that make you get less, half of your initial bet and they correspond, respectively, to a bet on a line between two dozens or between two columns.
  •   As for the number zero, that is paid like the other numbers of the wheel.