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Mexican roulette

mexican roulette

An introduction to the Mexican roulette

The Mexican roulette is one of the variation of the game and it is quite similar to the American one: nonetheless it is featured by a 39 compartments wheel. It has got therefore one compartment more than the American roulette, which is numbered 000.

The Mexican roulette is even more risky than the American roulette. The probabilities to lose the totality of your bets increases since it is possible that the marble stops on the 000. In other words, it is harder to make considerable wins in the Mexican roulette than in other variations of the game.

Goal of the Mexican roulette

The final goal of the Mexican roulette is the same as in other variations of the game: to place bets attempting to forecast the winning number and/or the winning type of number. Bets are mainly placed on simple chances.

Proceeding of the Mexican roulette

Each pile of chips has got a specific colour and is assigned to a specific player, so that the croupier can distinguish among the bets on the carpet without getting confused and making mistakes.

  1. Once all of the players have made their initial bets, the croupier says the popular sentence “no more bets”.
  2. S/he makes the wheel turn counter clockwise and the white marble clockwise.
  3. As soon as the marble stops on a compartment of the wheel, the croupier announces the winning number and the winning colour, announcing in this way the verdict on the bets placed by the players.

Betting in the Mexican roulette

The Mexican roulette allows players to place different bets on the same number, its colour or its parity, differently from other variations of roulette. You will find modalities of game that are similar to those featuring the French roulette and other bet configurations available as the Corner bet which allows you to bet on four numbers with one single bet, betting on the intersections of these 4 numbers.

The Dozen bet can make you win an amount of two times your initial bet and allows you to bet on 12 numbers in one time.

In the Mexican roulette, having the possibilities to fall on 0, 00 and even 000 which can make your bets lower or disappear, you better place multiple bets to avoid to lose too much money.

The gains could be less considerable in this way, but it is important to be safeguarded from in gambling.