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General rules

general rules roulette

General presentation of the Roulette game

Roulette is one of the major casino games: it is also the oldest among the emblematic casino games. Roulette attracts people not only because of its amusing feature but also because it is quite easy to play. Therefore, for advanced players as well as for beginners, it is definitely possible to excel on the art of playing roulette.

Although it is a gambling game par excellence, there are specific game strategies which have been elaborated with the aim to handle the game and defeat the fate to get the jackpot. In particular, these game techniques are known as betting systems and they exist with different variations.

The goal of the game is to bet on the colour of the box and/or on the even or odd number on which the small white marble that is thrown on the wheel will stop once the wheel will stop turning itself. We offer you here an overview of the basic components of the roulette universe, in the attempt to help you to get familiar with this easy and captivating game!

The wheel

Often called “cylinder” in the roulette jargon, the wheel is the key element of this casino game: it is also the universal symbol of the game since it s part of the setting of the game, whatever is the variation that is played.

It is composed of a number of compartments, alternately numbered with the colours black and red. The numbers are not ordered, there is no logic in their sequence: any compartment has got a different number. Out of the black and red boxes, there are two green compartments which can be numbered 0 or 00, according to the type of roulette.

In particular, there are three main variations of the game. As for the American roulette, it is composed of 30 compartments, with the numbers from 1 to 36, alternatively coloured of black and red. The other two compartments are the green one, one which there are the numbers 0 and 00. As for the other two variation of the game, the French roulette and the English one, they do not contain a box with the number 00.

The carpet

It is on the roulette carpet, that players place their piles of chips. The carpet is composed of a chart representing the configuration of numbers on the wheel. Other rectangles appear out of the chart but still on the carpet to indicate subclasses which put some numbers together according to the colour.

The chips

The chips used in roulette are different from those used in other casino games. The colour of the chips changes in relation to the player and that is essential to avoid any mistake or misunderstanding which could affect the good proceeding of the game: it is thus a quite complex colours system that the croupier must memorise, in relation to each of the players. It is at the beginning of a match that players can buy some chips, usually sold in packets of 20. It is the player himself/herself who fixes the value of a chip, according to the budget s/he wish to allocate. The value that is chosen is then indicated with a mark. It is possible to pile the chips up on another pile of chips of a different colour, on the same compartment of the roulette.

The role of the Croupier

The Croupier plays an essential role for the good proceeding of a roulette match. His/her tasks are many: in particular, s/he starts by exchanging players’ money with chips to bet on the roulette table and also chips from other casino games since there are specific chips that are needed for betting in roulette.

Until s/he does not say the popular sentence “No more bets”, it is possible for players to bet. Once s/he says so, the croupier makes the wheel turn counter clockwise. S/he then throws the small white marble, this time clockwise and waits for the wheel to stop in order to announce the winning number and colour. At that point, s/he is charged to place a marking object exactly on the compartment of the winning number.

Last, the croupier in roulette is in charge to repay the winning bets and on the other hand to collect the money of the losing bets. Players must wait the Croupier to check the count of each one before taking the chips back or placing them again on the carpet for a new match.