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Break the bank

break the bank

Whether you are advanced or beginner players in the universe of roulette, it is time to impress the casino entourage and become a formidable player who does not lose a single chip on the game carpet.

A game technique that is really disconcerting for the other players, especially when you win great amounts: here you can familiarise with this amazing technique known as Paroli betting system.

Paroli betting system

The Paroli tactic based on a quite easy principle and possibly on a simple chance.

It consists in betting in the turn following a winning one, the same amount as your initial bet plus what you have just gained. In case there were several successive winning turns, this game technique can be really advantageous and it can allows you to break the bank, as we say in our casino jargon!

Here we provide you a concrete example to better understand the advantages that this Paroli method can give you:

After 5 successive winning couples according to the system, you win 31 unities. After 6 winning tours, you get 63 unities. After 6 couples you get 127 unities and so on until 10 successive winning couples that allow you to break the bank and get 1023 unities of your bet.

What is convenient in Paroli method?

The Parodi method is convenient since who use it will not lose anything more than the initial bet (this in the worst case) whose amount will not be considerable. Indeed, it consists in betting your basic capital plus your previous gains.

You do not risk to lose much, but in case you have a winning couple you can add your initial bet quite rapidly.

In the previous example, which mentioned 10 successive winning couples and the extraordinary amounts got through the Paroli system, luck was quite present, especially since it was just theory!

Practically, you would have probably a series of 5 successive winning couples: this possibility is more realistic and already advantageous for you!