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Inside Bets

inside bets roulette

What are the inside bets?

The inside bets are the favourite bets of the advanced players with risk-taking tendencies: they are the most exciting. You should know therefore, that even if these bets are more dangerous, they are also better paid then the outside ones.

Inside bets in roulette consist in betting on a number or many numbers in order to have several possibilities to win.

If you bet on a unique winning number (out of 37 in the French roulette and out of 38 in the American one), you obviously have less chances to win than if you bet on a combination of numbers.

We advise you therefore to make multiple inside bets.

Be aware while placing your chips on the number or the numbers you hope to be winning, it is easy to shift them intentionally or involuntary. Although the croupier is in charge to control that does not happen, you better check you chips, so that there is no ambiguity at all.

Different types of inside bets

We give you here some examples of the most frequent inside bets, which correspond to specific forms of game:

  •   The bet on a full number is the one that can bring the better gains, an amount of up to 35 times your initial bet: that concerns a unique number.
  •   As for the bet so called “a cheval”, it consists in betting on a line between two adjacent numbers and can give you an amount of 17 times your initial bet.
  •   The so-called “transversal bet” is about the outside line of the carpet, on a row of three numbers. If one of the numbers is winning you can get up to 11 times your bet.
  •   The bet in carré consists in betting on the intersection of 4 numbers: if one of the number is winning you get an amount of 8 times your initial bet.
  •   The so called “sixain bet”, is about betting on the intersection of 6 numbers and can make you get an amount of 5 times your bet.
  •   Last, the so called bet of the “quatre premiers”, consists on betting on the line that separates the 0 from the numbers 1, 2, 3: it can makes you win up to 3 times your initial bet.

Play your game and try your inside bet strategy for a frantic match!