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The VIP gambling experience is no longer reserved to highrollers and those who have a lot of money in their pockets. Virtually anyone can now enjoy the same experience and win a life-changing amount, as long as they have an account with an online casino. VIP Room Casino is going to great lengths to associate his name to this exclusive category of gamblers and there is much truth to its main choice.

Games and Software

The casino was founded in 2013 and enjoy the support of some powerful partners, as they chose Net Entertainment and Playtech for software developers. This idea is still paying off and render the use of signing partnerships with other operators virtually nonexistent. There are literally more than 1000 games to play here and slot machines are so numerous, that is only safe to assume that players rarely have the time to play all of them.

Progressive jackpot once are the best-known slots, since all those who want to spin the reels of such games invest a minimum amount. A smaller selection of three reel classic slots has emerged, with a dedicated group of players keeping the genre alive. Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune are the money cows that players hope to build one day, with the jackpots frequently searching beyond $2 million. You won’t be winning as much money playing table games or video poker, but it can be fun nonetheless.


The combination of 120 free spins and $100 is supposed to convince players that once they make a deposit, they will enjoy a smooth ride. It goes without saying that you can only use the free spins on slot machines, but at least the online casino doesn’t impose any restrictions and you can play your game of choice. The wagering requirements for the cash prize consists of 35 times the bonus and deposit, which is exactly the average of modern bonus turnarounds.

Welcome bonus 100$

Deposits and withdrawal

VIP Room Casino currently allows players to deposit as much money as they like, but it is not possible to cash out more than €50,000 in one transaction. This is not a problem for beginners, but those who win a progressive jackpot and highrollers alike will surely be disgruntled by these limitations. It can take more than a few months to receive the entire jackpot in your bank account, but then again this is a small price to pay when you become a millionaire.

Reputation and security

The aforesaid limits are imposed due to the fact that there were many instances in which cyber criminals got to the funds of regular customers and catch them out in legally. Since then the security protocols were improved and it is now most unlikely for anyone to steal funds or even get the chance of meddling with sensitive data. At the end of the day, it is in the best interest of players not to share their details with anyone, particularly the password and secret questions.

Sign up and support

VIP Room Casino is willing to spend as much time and resources as needed to make sure that the customer support team is the best out there. Fluent in English, experience in technical issues and always friendly regardless of how complex the problems, they will never leave you hanging or disappointed.

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