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History of Neogames

Created in 2002, Neogames is one of the great names in the world of online games and particularly in regards to its publishing of online scratchcard games.

NeoGames chose to focus on this very popular sector of gaming and its popularity has never stopped growing. This focused expertise has given added value to what the company has to offer and allowed it to stand apart from its competitors. NeoGames has simply excelled at what it's good at and, notably, developed its software of its celebrated brands such as Bet365, Win Grattage, Scratch 2 Cash and Hope Grattage.

NeoGames Software

Registered under a Maltese license, its cash games and online gambling is strictly regulated and secure. NeoGames publishes 3D software that has an unequalled quality in the world of virtual scratchcard games.

Its graphics have a creative and innovative style that's incomparable to anything else. Inventiveness and entertainment come together to give you an out of the ordinary experience. The atmosphere, design as well as the sound effects can be customised and are exclusive to NeoGames.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced player, software that's the trademark of NeoGames is easy to use and flows well. You can also deposit your money and withdraw your winnings in complete security and confidentiality. Your transactions are rigorously monitored.

Games offered by NeoGames Casinos

Amongst the stunning games offered by the virtual casinos published by NeoGames, you'll find classic scratchcard games as well as newer, innovative games previously unseen online.

Our opinion for lovers of bingo, Keno as well as 3D poker games is that NeoGames uses its expertise and know-how of the latest technology to ensure you have an unforgettable gaming experience.

The reputation of NeoGames

The developer NeoGames gains from having a reputation for quality and reliability that is evident in the online casino games it publishes. It's rigorous in its application of its policy towards responsible gaming but equally in the monitoring of its payment platforms. NeoGames is the epitome of a publisher you can trust.

For its players, NeoGames is forever drawing inspiration from the latest developments and innovations in online gaming. It masters the latest technology which allows it to bring unprecedented, thrilling graphic interfaces to its games. The result of this is that NeoGames is a ground-breaking brand and a trailblazer in the world of online gaming which just adds to its reputation for quality and prestige.

Different to other online developers, NeoGames knows perfectly how to set itself apart so that you can discover the ultimate online scratchcard games that are ultra reliable and stylish, whilst always being accessible to everyone through their simplicity of use.