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This online casino has high ambitions and their name brand is a lot of confidence, but so far they are promising more than they deliver. Best Casino is hardly the best in this niche, but it is one of the most promising operators and they have the know-how and resources to become a major player.

They chose their partners smartly and the software developers powering their game are known and appreciated worldwide. The only downside is that they don’t accept players from United States.

Games and software

Microgaming has developed in excess of 1000 games so far, but Best Casino found no use in introducing all of them. In fact they chose a different path and try to identify those titles that stand out from the crowd for various reasons ranging from high payouts to dazzling graphics and immersive animations. With fewer than 100 games, they invite players to choose a game that they truly enjoy, rather than switching from one title to the other.

Best Casino has also added video slots that feature the celebrated 3-D graphics and much to their credit they did everything they could to have them compatible with mobile devices. One would need a fairly new smartphone or tablets to run such games flawlessly on mobile gadgets, but all of them are compatible with the Quickfire platform. This is also an excellent place to experience the thrills of live casino games and video poker, but it is worth mentioning that there are fewer than 20 of them overall.


Best Casino proved to be far less creative when it came to welcome bonuses and chose to offer a flat amount of €250 + 120spins to those who play here. It is a common sense approach and since players are not expected to deposit more than that, the gambling operator hopes to appeal to recreational players. The wagering requirements differ depending on the game of choice, but all the titles currently offered qualify.

100% bonus up to €250 + 120 spins

Deposit and withdrawal

The payment method at this online casino can feel a bit restrictive, especially if you’re a big fan of prepaid cards. These financial instruments prevent gambling addition as players have a better control over their finances, but sadly they are not to be found at Best Casino. Their members will have to settle for the conventional credit cards and a handful of electronic wallets, but also bank transfers and Western Union.

Reputation and Security

Best Casino uses the 256 bit SSL encryption, which is the ultimate solution for protecting transactions and so far their security systems proved impregnable. At the same time, they tried to ensure players that the games are fair and has independent auditors analyze each of these titles can post their conclusions.

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Best Casino doesn’t have 24/7 customer support and their specialists only work 12 hours a day, starting at 11 AM. This is the time when both live support and telephone numbers can be used freely, but outside these hours it is better to arm yourself with patience and submit your questions over email.

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