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Neteller is an alternative modality of payment to the traditional ones such as bank cards or bank transfers. It belongs to the generation of the secured electronic wallets, that allow you to pay, withdraw and transfer funds online.

Since 1999, when Neteller was created, it is a guarantee of trust and reliability, in the eyes od individual customers and also enterprises. This English society belongs to the Neteller group (UK) Ltd., controlled by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) in the United Kingdom.

Operation principle of Neteller payments

Neteller is a payment platform that links your bank account to an online security account.

It is thus possible to make your transactions completely safely and with the total respect of your privacy through the mediation of this virtual payment interface. It is directly linked to your bank account, that you have registered in advance and to which your bank needs to give the authorisation to proceed with payments or transfers online.

Advantages and disadvantages of Neteller payments

An unquestionable advantages of Neteller payment system is the fact that you do not own a concrete card and thus, you do not need to transpose any code or card number. Transactions are super-controlled and confidential.

Indeed, you simply need to communicate the e-mail address to which you have connected your Neteller account. Payments and withdraws are maid immediately and for free. Thus, you can pay online with your Neteller virtual interface quite easily and rapidly.

Moreover, on a large number of business websites, is available, from now on, the payment option through electronic wallets like Neteller.

Nonetheless, there can be some inconveniences by using an electronic wallet such as Neteller for paying, withdrawing and transferring online.

In particular, Neteller requires you to link your bank account to its payment platform: it takes some days for you bank to give the authorisation. The registration of your account is then official. Moreover, in order to transfer funds from Neteller to your bank account it also takes 4/5 working days.

Thus, although the transactions are more reliable, the slowness of fund transfers is a black spot of the Neteller system.

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