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Ukash proposes you an innovative modality of payment for your online transactions, an alternative to more traditional methods such as payment cards or electronic wallets.

Ukesh offers you a prepaid cards system to make your transactions on e-commerce websites and especially on online gamble websites (some of the most popular video poker and online casinos of the virtual market) among which prepaid cards are quite popular.

Safety and simplicity are guaranteed with Ukash.

Operation principle of Ukash payments

Get your prepaid Ukash card from the closest point of sail: it can be a tobacco store, a news agency, a newspaper kiosk.

Ukash thus proposes you a concrete card you can have in exchange of cash, with the amount you prefer, from 10€ to 100€. On this Ukash coupon you find a code to use for your online payments, simply and anonymously. The payment will be immediate.

In this way, you so not need to own a payment card, not to take the risk of divulgate its secret or visible codes. Ukash payment system is simple and accessible to everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ukash payments

Those who choose to pay through the Ukash system obtains incontestable advantages, being this a super-controlled payment method, which respect totally your privacy and that allows you to limit your budget thank to a maximum amount you can fix on your prepaid card.

Moreover, there are no fees or subscriptions to be paid when charging your card, differently from what would happen with a traditional payment card.

On the other side, saying “prepaid card” means to say “only payment card”. Indeed, with the Ukash card, it is not possible to receive your gains from an online casino, not to make someone credit a certain amount on your card.

Last, a part from online casinos, the majority of e-commerce websites do not propose this innovative payment modality yet.

  Visit website : https://www.ukash.com