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Visa payment card is one of the most popular modality of bank payment.

It was in 1958, that the famous Visa card appeared within the banking market and in 1976 that it was named officially “Visa card”: the designation VISA refers to the four starting capitals of “Visa International Service Association” (VISA), an association that brings more than 21000 financial corporations together.

Operation principle of Visa payments

The Visa card is a plastic card with a magnetic strip and a microchip which allows people to pay and withdraw funds in a real shop or on a virtual trade. In order to pay online, you will be asked to type the number of your card, the validity date and the security code on the back of the card: in this case you do not need to type your confidential code.

The aforementioned card is related to a payment network called VISA which serves as an interface between your card and your bank account.

Advantages and disadvantages of Visa payments

Relevant advantages of paying online by Visa card are the rapidity and simplicity of the process: you just need to take your card and fill the different boxes that appear on the screen with the corresponding numbers on the card. The payment is immediate.

Moreover, your confidential code is not revealed in the web, a thing that increase the safety of your payment. Last, in case you have troubles with your payment, you can take advantage of a specific assurance offered by the bank system of your Visa card.

As for the disadvantages, the bank card required a subscription to be paid quarterly or annually. Furthermore, the Visa Blue card is a material card, that can be stolen or, more simply, that can be seen by someone else who can remember the code, the validity date, the security code: all of the information that are necessary to use the bank card.

This modality of payment has indeed shown to be less safe than the electric wallets.

  Visit website : https://www.visa.co.uk