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Visa Electron

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The payment card Visa Electron is a payment modality that the Visa group offers to those customers who need to control their budget.

The Visa financial institution belongs to the financial group Visa Service Association, composed of more than 21000 financial corporations. In 1958 the bank services Visa are firstly proposed, directed by the important group Blue Card.

The Blue Card Visa Electron is thus a financial product of the Visa range that has showed to be an efficient modality of paying, withdrawing and transfer funds, both within the land-based and virtual business.

Operation principle of Visa Electron payments

The Visa Electron bank card has the same shape as the traditional one, with a magnetic strip and a microchip.

This card is linked to your bank account and to the Visa payment network, that controls and supervises your transactions.

With a card Visa Electron it is not possible to arrive to a bank indebtedness: any transaction need to be authorised by the payment network it is linked to.

Indeed, with this type of card, you have a maximum amount in terms of payments and withdraws that will not make you go over what is available on your account. It is not a simple modality of payment, but also a help to manage your bank account.

Advantages and disadvantages of Visa Electron payments

Using Visa Electron as a modality of online payment will give you several advantages. In particular, you save time: a few clicks and your transaction is done, and really easily!

This payment modality allows you to better control your budget, since you need an authorisation by your bank in order to proceed with any transaction, a thing that increases also the safety of your online payments and withdraws. The Visa Electron card offers you a payment modality more controlled than the traditional Visa.

Nevertheless, this payment card requires, like all of the payment cards, a subscription to be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

Moreover, although the safety of your transactions is increased thank to the authorisation system, this does not prevent an eventual theft of your card or someone else uses the card online in your place, transposing the codes that are visible on the card.

  Visit website : https://www.visa.co.uk