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The Maestro payment card, a financial product of the MasterCard group, is one of the most popular payment modalities and allows customers to make transactions both on land-based shop and on the virtual market.

Maestro thus belongs to the big financial group MasterCard Worldwide, listed in NYSE. It is a payment and withdraw card that is internationally oriented, since any international transaction is easily feasible.

Operation principle of Maestro payments

The payment card Maestro is a concrete modality of payment, since it consists in a concrete rectangular plastic card with a magnetic strip and a microchip: these two allow the transfer of your bank data to the MasterCard payment centre to which your card is linked.

To pay and withdraw online, you do not need to transpose your 4 numbers confidential code, but only your card number, validity date and security code (on the back of the card), that will be requested within the payment section of the website on which you make your transactions. This will make your payments safe.

Advantages and disadvantages of Maestro payments

The main advantages related to the use of Maestro card for online transaction are certainly the rapidity and easiness of the virtual transactions: only the codes you can see on the card are required to proceed with a transaction.

Maestro card proposed some advantageous rates for international transactions, on those websites that are open to the entire world. The payment is immediate and, therefore, quite practical.

On the other hand, you need to keep in mind the inconveniences that may occur by using Maestro payment card as payment modality both online and within the land-based market. This card requires a subscription to be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

Although this payment modality is well controlled, it remains important that your card is concrete and can be stole or can be observed by someone who memorise your codes and then using them in your place.

  Visit website : http://www.mastercard.co.uk/maestro-card.html