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The MasterCard payment card is one of the most traditional modalities of payment in France and one of the most used both in land-based and virtual business.

The aforementioned MasterCard card belongs to the MasterCard Worldwide group, listed at NYSE. It is an American society that brings more than 25000 French enterprises together.

Operation principle of MasterCard payments

Paying online with MasterCard: there is nothing faster and easier than this!

You simply need your card in order to transpose in the boxes indicated in the section “Payments” of your Roulette website, the number of the card, the validity date and the security code on the back of the card: everything is done, in a few minutes! The payment can be made immediately.

You should know that it is also possible to withdraw and transfer funds online thank to your MasterCard.

This plastic payment card has got a microchip and a magnetic strip which allow you to connect your card to the payment service MasterCard, which is itself linked to financial institutions of its group MasterCard Worldwide.

Advantages and disadvantages of MasterCard payments

Thank to MasterCard you do not need to divulge your confidential code for your online purchases, deposits and withdraws: you simply need to transpose the visual codes on your card. Considerable advantages are the rapidity and the simplicity of the payment process: it is a matter of a few clicks. However, even for the smaller problem, MasterCard offers you an aid system.

On the other hand, there can be some small inconveniences, once you decide to use MasterCard to pay online.

Although it is a secured modality of payment and withdraw, you card remains a material and not virtual card and it can therefore undergo thefts or hacking: in order to pay with your card, you simply need to transpose the codes written on your card and you are not required to do a real authentication that could assure 100% that it is yourself making the payment.

Moreover, the payment card MasterCard requires a subscription to be paid monthly, quarterly or annually: it is not a payment modality completely exempted from fees.

  Visit website : http://www.mastercard.com