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In 2001 the Skrill society got to the generation of the electronic wallets, creating a 100% safe and super reliable product.

Regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA), based in the United Kingdom, registered both in England and in the Wales, Skrill is an online payment and withdraw platform which constitutes a valid alternative to more traditional payment modalities such as the debit or credit cards.

With Skrill, you can send or receive money instantly, without paying any fees. Skrill is mainly used by online gamble players, in order to make their transactions rapidly and safely.

Operation principle of Skrill payments

With Skrill, you do not need to have your payment card with you in front of your screen in order to pay your online purchases or to make deposits on the most popular casino rooms, nor you need to have the bank details of your account: once your Skrill account has been created, you just need to give your e-mail address or your password and everything is done for a instantaneous transaction!

As for creating your electronic wallet on Skrill, there is nothing simpler than this: you must need your bank account to your online payment interface by introducing your account number and your bank details.

Once your bank has authorised Skrill to be your online payment and withdraw interface, you can buy, withdraw or transfer your funds quite simply.

Advantages and disadvantages of Skrill payments

The main advantage that you can have by using Skrill as an alternative payment modality to the more popular payment cards, is definitely the safety of any type of transaction: a payment, a withdraw or a transfer, on any sort of website.

In order to open an account on Skrill, you do not have to pay any fee or subscription, differently from any traditional payment card. With Skrill, you pay through your e-mail address: thus, you can keep your bank details confidential, not risking to undergo thefts or hacking.

Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that some inconveniences may occur by using an electronic wallet like Skrill. First of all, you need to consider a period of about 4-5 working days to obtain the authorisation of your bank to register your bank account.

  Visit website : https://www.skrill.com