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In order to pay and withdraw in the land-based commerce as well as on the web, after the traditional payment cards, it is time to opt for more rapid and safe payment modalities: in particular, Clickandbuy offers you an elenctronic payment interface 100% secured and reliable.

it allows you to deposit, withdraw and transfer your funds from and toward your bank account on e-commerce websites or on the most popular online casinos.

Extremely easily, with one click, you can make your transactions. You should know that ClickandBuy will make your international transfers easier, while proposing you quite competitive rates, since transactions are conducted in the currency of the sender.

Operation principle of ClickandBuy payments

You do not need to look for your bank card in order to transpose your secret or visible codes anymore, in order to complete your online shopping or make bets on your favourite online casinos: from now on, with ClickandBuy, you simply need to communicate your e-mail address and things are done!

First of all, you need to create your ClickandBuy account by giving one single time your bank details in order to link your account to Clickandbuy and make your transactions easier. Registration is of course easy and free.

From then on, you will not be asked to give your bank details again: everything is safe, rapid, anonymous.

Advantages and disadvantages of ClickandBuy payments

The most important advantage in using ClickandBuy is definitely the safety thatthis payment platform gives you, in comparison with traditional payment methods such as bank cards.

With ClickandBuy, your transactions are conducted easily and without the risk of hacking, in the total respect of your privacy. Only your e-mail address or password is required fot you to make your online payments! Moreover, you do need to pay any fee in order to create your account nor for your online transactions: it is not time to pay fees linked to payment cards anymore!

The most significant inconvenience on the other side, is the period necessary to register your bank account on the electronic platform ClickandBuy, that may take some working days.

  Visit website : https://www.clickandbuy.com/en/