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EntroPay belongs to the generation of the electronic wallets, alternative modality of payment to the traditional payment cards that can be used for shopping online or on online casinos.

Nevertheless, the payment system EntroPay is innovative for being a virtual payment card that works as a mediation between your bank card and the recipient of your payment, the subject you need to get money from or transfer electronic funds to.

EntroPay is also an interface between your bank account and the website on which you want to make a transaction.

Operation principle of EntroPay payments

In order to use the payment method EntroPay, you first need to go on the website of EntroPay so that you can create your account and have a virtual payment and withdraw card available for your online transactions.

Once you have given your personal information and bank details, you just need to charge your EntroPay virtual card with the amount you wish, from 15€ to 1500€.

From then on, you can use your EntroPay card as a credit card for your online shopping, with no need to communicate your secret codes: payment are totally safe, rapid and instantaneous.

Advantages and disadvantages of EntroPay payments

The main advantages of this payment method are definitely the trusty and the protection given to the debtor by not asking him/her for identification codes in online payments.

Moreover, this electronic card do not requires and subscription or fee to be paid when you charge it: you can use the exact amount of money that you charge on the card.

It is important to know that, differently from prepaid cards, EntroPay allows customers to be credited and to receive gains. Last but not least, you can control your budget by yourself, since you cannot use more money than what you have charged on the card: this helps you to better manage your bank account and to not go over the available amount.

As for the inconveniences that may occur, although EntroPay is more rapid and efficient that those electronic wallets that need a certain period of time to register someone’s bank account, this more modern payment method needs also a period of time to transfer your funds on your real bank card.

  Visit website : https://www.entropay.com