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Plenty of online casinos have high expectations but unfortunately for them they don’t have the expertise not the resources to fulfill these plans. Genting Casino is the exception to the rule, because these guys have both the know-how and the money to build a formidable online gambling operator.

They already have a very strong land-based operation and can use it as a springboard to the Internet, while appealing to customers from all over the world.

Games and software

Genting Casino is a household name in the land-based casino industry, but they chose not to rely on proprietary software and then made the transition to online gambling. Playtech will be developing the games they offer and this is refreshing if you are a fan of titles that can also be played on mobile devices.

Slot machines are abundant and right now there are more than 200 of them to choose from, with almost as many video poker and table games.

The five reel variety is are the ones that also have progressive jackpots, so focus on the few want to strike it rich overnight. Genting Casino is also trying to bring to the Internet arena, those games that their popularity in brick-and-mortar venues. Table games can now be played against real dealers and they truly know how to replicate the atmosphere of luxurious Macau casinos.


Genting Casino can afford to offer a welcome bonus of €1000, because they have so much money that financial offers of this magnitude of the problem. The bonuses are not offered up front, but rather unlocked as players the wagering requirements, which is a slightly different approach from industry practice.

The upside is that you can make several deposits until you unlock the entire amount, so you’re not under tremendous pressure to gather the necessary amount to maximize the return on investment.

€10 Free + 100%

Deposits and withdrawals

Genting Casino will kindly require players to use the same payment methods whenever it is possible for deposits and withdrawals. It’s not like they don’t have alternatives for those who choose to deposit using credit cards and then cash out via electronic wallets or bank transfers.

The reasons have to do exclusively with the security of online accounts, as money laundering and fraud have emerged as major threats. They charge no commission and there are no hidden fees, so when you cash out your money will get it in fall.

Reputation and Security

Online gambling at Genting Casino promises to be just as safe as wagering in brick-and-mortar venues in Macau or Las Vegas. This is hardly a surprise given the magnitude of the business they run, as they have the knowledge needed to uphold the highest security standards.

Some games carry a higher house edge, while others are easier to beat, but the good news is that players know all the time how high the risks they assume and which is the potential return on investment.

Sign up and support

Whenever you need the assistance of customer support, you can pick up the phone and expect a native English speaker to answer your questions.

The live chat is also a highly reliable alternative, but email support can come in handy when pitch comes to shove.

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