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One of the largest and most respectable gambling groups in United Kingdom, Mansion Casino have decided to leave this market, despite the obvious advantages.

As the local authorities have bumped up the taxes, it made it possible for many casinos still operate here and the ones who are losing most are the gambling fans. On the bright side, those who reside beyond borders are still going to enjoy this outstanding set of services.

Games and Software

Slot machines are the ones that send the biggest shockwaves these days whenever they are released and one of the reason for why this happens is that online casinos offer free spins. TV shows and popular movies are also inspiring software developers to create these games, so don’t be surprised if you see dozens of such titles here. There are a couple of progressive jackpots up for grabs, but the odds of actually hitting the best paying combinations are remote.

It is far more likely to win a lot of money playing table games, although there is a link between the amount you invest in the potential returns. Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four and the popular slot machines of the day which can be played on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

It’s a bit disappointing for video poker fans to witness that they have less than 1% of all the games available dedicated to their needs.


The prospect of winning €5000 over the course of less than one month is exciting on many levels, but players are supposed to make subsequent deposits to unlock all this money. You can do the exact opposite and make a minimum deposit of no more than €10 and still have the amount matched by 100%.

Basically players can use the sliders to apply for lower or higher bonus, but at the end of the day they are the ones who decide whether it is worth taking bigger chances for the sake of better paychecks or keep it safe.

Bonus 5000€

Deposits and withdrawal

Initially there were plenty of inconveniences associated to cash out, more precisely the fact that there were certain limitations in place. Those who want progressive jackpots have to wait less time today if they are to cash out all their profits, because those limits have been lifted.

Furthermore, even more payment method are currently available and the obvious way to go is to deposit and cash out using credit cards or electronic wallets. They don’t take a long time and are as safe as conventional bank transfers.

Reputation and security

Speaking of security, the 128 bit SSL encryption technology is going to prevent any cyber criminals willing to steal funds with a serious obstacle. The fact that so far there were no instances in which sensitive data was stolen or funds disappearing from the personal account of gamblers, prove beyond reasonable doubt that the systems are flawless.

Sign up and support

Customer service is reachable 24/7 and with Mansion Casino being the UK operator, it was only natural for them to employ native speakers.

They English is flawless and they also have the technical background necessary to help players who encounter difficulties with the sign-up process or other issues.

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