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Betway player wins the largest casino jackpot ever recorded

Saturday, 12 December 2015 14:53 Written by

Winning the jackpot is always great news regardless of its size, but sometimes lady luck smiled benevolently upon you and changes your life forever. A British soldier who plays at Betway has emerged as the biggest jackpot winner of old times when he won the largest prize ever awarded by an online casino. Becoming a multimillionaire overnight is one of the best feelings in the world and with a total of £13,213,838.68 in his bank account he can do whatever he likes.

This was the largest online progressive jackpot ever to be won, so the lucky winner from Cheshire has now entered a very exclusive group of winners. One might assume that he had to venture a lot of money and take significant chances, but this is as long as it gets, since only venture 25 pounds. This is not a lot of money by any standards and that’s why she was so surprised to discover that he won an eight digit amount with such an investment.

Eventually, he got used to the idea and the next question is what to do with the money, but it looks like the winner has a clear plan. After his grandfather passed away, he got overwhelmed by various problems and the top priority is to prepare his father for a lung and heart transplant. These operations are not only difficult but also very expensive, something that he doesn’t have to worry about anymore.

He told the media that he would gladly give away this money for him to be healthy, but as things stand, he will settle for offering him the best medical treatment possible. A luxury cruise around the Mediterranean Sea is also at the horizon and the winner contemplates the possibility of purchasing a Bentley Continental GT. This is a luxury car that most people only dream of and he confessed that it never crossed his mind that he could ever own such a card.

His good fortune story started with a spin of the Mega Moolah game on Tuesday, October 6, when he intended to spend some quality time at home. Seven days later he hit the jackpot and it was very difficult for him to keep the secret until the prize was awarded to him. He served as a soldier in some of the most dangerous theaters of operations around the globe, but he returned to work the very next day like nothing happened, so nobody suspected anything.

Until this special moment, the previous record belonged to a player from Finland who won in excess of €7 million. This jackpot surpasses the previous win by €17,000, which is an insignificant amount given the magnitude of this winning. Betway was happy to have one of the casino players win the jackpot and told the media that the gambling operator is celebrating with the winner. His success story is also expected to inspire others to play progressive jackpot slot machines.

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