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Blackjack just got more profitable at Grosvenor Casino

Thursday, 24 December 2015 14:08 Written by

When you step into a land-based casino, the roulette wheel and the blackjack table are the ones swerving with customers. Even those who don’t play themselves are attracted by the action around these tables, since these games are by far the most exciting ones. Over the Internet, much of the social nature of the games is lost, but thanks to live casinos, it is once again possible to experience the adrenaline rush.

Blackjack also happens to be a very profitable game for those who know ideal strategy and can keep their emotions in check. If they can take advantage of additional promotions and cash in on bonuses, then their chances will only get better. Grosvenor Casino fully understand the need of new members to collect freebies and that’s why it announced the beginning of a brand-new campaign.

It goes by the name of Grosvenor Ace King Suited Blackjack side bet and its challenges players to go a step further with their betting routine. The idea is to place a side bet whenever the dealer is about to revealed the cards and start a new blackjack round. This will cost you additional funds, but in return he will have the chance to win a share of a jackpot that can go as high up as €10,000.

There are in fact four different prizes and those who win the Minor, Major or Mega jackpots will turn their blackjack session into one of the most lucrative ones. The lower tier prizes are not going to change your life, but if you take down the Mega jackpot you are guaranteed to win at least €10,000. This is the best case scenario but it depends on both the dealer and the players to withdraw a keen and an ace of the same suit. This doesn’t happen that often, but that’s why the jackpot goes this high.

The number of participating players influences the sheer size of the jackpot and also the frequency at which prizes are won. When more blackjack fans are involved, the odds of someone hitting the winning combination are better and there is always the chance of winning the Envy bonus. This is a relatively new concept but already one that has gained a lot of traction and it has the advantage of awarding prizes to all those at the blackjack table.

You can win a share of the prize pool if any of the players participating at the same time draws the envy card, so you can cash in on someone else’s good luck. The bonus consists of €500 and this is the only fix amount, because the other prizes depend on the size of the bonus at any given time. Blackjack has just become more exciting and if Grosvenor Casino can keep up this tempo, it is only fair to expect more great promotions to be unveiled by the end of 2015.

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