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Immortal Romance video slot tournament goes live at Betway Casino

Monday, 28 December 2015 22:30 Written by

Betway Casino takes great pride in its collection of slot machines and it tries to maintain a fair ratio between five reel games and the three reel classics. The latter have fewer winning combinations, but what they lack in winning opportunities they compensate through fine graphics and unique atmosphere. Some of them are celebrated in online tournaments and this December, there were some great opportunities for fans of the genre.

A brand-new event has started on December 27 and will run for exactly one week, so if you’re not yet a part of this tournament, you should sign up immediately. The reason for doing so is a compelling prize pool of €25,000, significantly more than any of the previous event of this year. The amount is not going to be awarded to a single player, but instead 25 lucky winners will collect a share of it.

Everyone has the same chances to win the amount and you only need to make a deep run, as the objective of all participants is to finish within top 25. You can participate in this tournament by buying in, or by participating in satellite and qualifiers that have no entry fee whatsoever. Time is on your side and there are many satellites to join, but if you are unlucky and still want a shot at the €1000 than you will have to pay $20 out-of-pocket.

Is not a lot of money and virtual he anyone can afford such an investment, particularly those who have a genuine passion for slot machines. It doesn’t happen too often for online casinos to run tournaments dedicated to video slots and that’s why this unique opportunity at Betway Casino stands out from the crowd. The selected game for this competition is Immortal Romance, one of the most exciting slots of 2015, combining a fascinating narrative with some of the best looking graphics.

The game runs smoothly on smartphones and tablets and you don’t even need top technology to enjoy the best gaming experience. Virtually any device powered by iOS and Android operating systems will qualify and players can enjoy the instant play format instead of downloading content. There are 243 winning combinations and a bundle of mini games and bonus rounds that will keep you at the edge of your seat, while trying to claw your way to the top 25.

Players shouldn’t have any problem in monitoring their success in the tournament, since the formation is updated in real-time. You will learn how your opponents are doing and also notice how far you are in the standings, so you know when you need to double your efforts and went to play it safe. The exciting part about slot machine tournaments is that they require players to use some degree of strategy, in addition to spinning the reels and hoping for the best.

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