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Climb the Grosvenor leaderboard for a share of £10k

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 10:53 Written by

Even the longest voyage starts with a single step and you can hope to make it to the top of the Grosvenor leaderboard, you would be wise to start right away. The longer ahead of you might seem long and ears, but those who make it all the way to the final stage we reap generous rewards. There is a guaranteed prize pool that will be divided among all those who commit their time and resources to making gradual progress and it currently stand that €10,000.

This amount is going to be awarded in currency equivalent to those who prefer to wager in British Sterling pounds, but you need to focus on a couple of selected slot machines. This promotion has started on January 18 and is scheduled to last for exactly one week, so it will come to an end on January 24. What this means is that if you are not ready to jump on the bandwagon right away, you might miss out on a great opportunity to consolidate your bankroll.

The money won’t be divided among a couple of players, but instead plenty of winners will receive a generous amount, with five players collecting €100. This is the best case scenario and you can wager couple of cents and still qualify for a chance, as long as you are dedicated. 10 more players are going to receive a bonus worth €80 and 20 more will collect €75, so the difference between these two groups of players is virtual he nonexistent.

Further down the slope, 30 players will receive €50 and you won’t be surprised to hear that the next 50 players are going to have to settle for €30. More prizes of €25 or less are going to be split among the next in line and overall more than 600 lucky players will receive a prize. With so many payouts up for grabs, it is hard to believe that they will be players who spend enough time online focusing on the qualifying slot machines that will go home empty-handed.

What you need to do is to opt in for this promotion before spinning the reels of any slot machines, then focus on those games that make a contribution in the leaderboard. Meanwhile, you can compete for thousands of free spins awarded occasionally on other games as these two promotions are not mutually exclusive. There will be special opportunities for those who bet on specific days of the week, with the most generous ones being aimed at those who come alive on Friday.

The next opportunity is on Friday, January 22 at Grosvenor Casino, with 30 free spins will be awarded to those who play the Montezuma slot machine. There is no better way to get fully immersed into the atmosphere of the aspect empire than by playing this game and the fact that free spins will be awarded represents the ultimate incentive. This promotion has limited time availability so you must act quickly, with a total of 60 players collecting just as many free spins.

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