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Play in the MPV Tournaments at Lucky247 Casino

Thursday, 21 January 2016 11:31 Written by

The new tournaments introduced by Lucky247 Casino will take your mind to basketball and the most valuable players on the court. Despite the name similarity, this is in fact another type of acronym, which stands for Multi-Player Tournaments. They will run live throughout January and if they get as popular as we expect them to do, it is very likely that they will be at the cornerstone of more promotions.

For starters, players will be competing for a maximum of €10,000, with this amount being the guaranteed prize pool for the midweek tournaments this month. Just as the name would indicate, these competitions are not taking place during the weekend, but rather start on Tuesday and complete on Thursday. The reason for why the online casino chose this time of the week is that the interest for casino games is significantly lower from Monday to Friday.

Now that these tournaments have hit the stores, you will have to focus on a couple of slot machines that were chosen to bring players together. The Midweek Moolah Qualifier is one of them and players who spend time spinning the reels of Avalon or Loaded HD will be eligible for great prizes. Eventually it all comes down to Midweek Moolah Finals which are scheduled for the weekends, but in order to participate in these events you need to be active from Monday to Friday.

Claiming €10,000 in cash bonuses is a tempting proposition especially for those who didn’t have the chance to play slot machines before. There are many progressive jackpots that could be won while wagering minimum amount, so this newfound wealth would help players explore new from peers. During the big weekend Cash with, players need to play the Terminator 2 slot machine from Friday to Sunday and resume action at the Hitman video slots on Monday.

It is important to mention that although these games are compatible with mobile devices, they need to be downloaded prior to playing. This applies to all members regardless of what device is they choose to win, so download the application immediately and start moving up the leaderboard. There are a couple of tournaments that stand out from the crowd and the most generous one is the accumulator, which started on January 1 and will conclude on January 31.

The Midweek Moolah Qualifiers are scheduled for every Monday and three opportunities were already missed by those who didn’t sign up yet. On Tuesdays, players get together for the €10,000 Midweek Moolah but can also participate in the Weekend Whopper Qualifiers. The chosen games are the ones mentioned above, more precisely Loaded HD and Hitman, so the odds of getting bored are slim to none.

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