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Go on the final Easter Egg Hunt With Chanz Casino

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 13:59 Written by

Chanz Casino is feeling the Easter no stodgy and doesn’t really want to let go on the festive holidays. That’s why the gambling operator has announced its intention of extending already popular campaign that began in April. We’re half way through with this offer and the promotion will only come to an end on may 21st, so you’ve got two weeks left. The prize is a compelling €1000 and the money will be awarded to lucky players in a raffle.

What makes these campaigns special is that the payouts are randomly triggered and players don’t have to worry about highrollers getting an unfair advantage. As long as you meet the basic terms and conditions and participate in this campaign you have got the same chances as the next guy. Anyone who has a real money account will be able to participate as long as he or she makes a real money deposit. As little as €20 will suffice, so you don’t have to break the bank to become an integral part of this campaign.

Chanz Casino is going to announce the winners on Monday may 21st, but the promotion will come to an end the day before. At midnight, no new players will be accepted and those who were already involved in this offer will have to patiently wait for their bonus. In between, players can participate in other campaigns running live here, because there are not mutually exclusive. If you choose to deposit larger amounts or reload your account often, you will receive more tokens for the raffle.

As stated above, winners are randomly decided in the raffle, but more tickets increase the odds of winning. It’s a really simple system that gives you the freedom of sticking to one raffle ticket or making several deposits in a quick succession.

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