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21Grand Casino has new deals for high rollers

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 22:33 Written by

21Grand Casino doesn’t fall behind with his promotions in 2017 after a very good year recently ended. They brag about offering some of the best welcome bonuses out there, but until recently paid less attention to existing members. With some of them making the transition from low stakes to nosebleed limits, the community of highrollers has also grown. It is increasing at a rapid pace and all those who play here are advised to take advantage of the special promotions aimed at this select group.

Without being a casino that can be exclusively to highrollers, it makes it easier for those who have high expectations to fulfill them here. The energy invested in online gambling should be rewarded properly and this is the goal of this operator. To be included in this elite category, one would have to accumulate enough points to become a VIP. A more straightforward way is to simply bet larger amounts than average players and see what happens at the tables.

Special benefits for highrollers

The thing about deposit bonuses is that they are usually capped and it’s impossible for players to cross certain thresholds. Depending on how high their expectations are, these limitations can seem capricious and arbitrary for many of these players. The gambling community is frequently aiming for better rewards and at the end of the day they are entitled to see them fulfilled. 21Grand Casino is providing highrollers with the means to win more money and have their deposits matched at a higher ratio.

There are leader boards for elite players and those who finish at the top of the list are going to gain access to exclusive bonuses. They are also admitted to special tournaments with huge guaranteed prize pools, although they need to accept the higher buy ins. While these entry fees might seem prohibitive for regular players, they are not problematic for highrollers. In fact, many of them would rather spend time around those who have access to the same amounts and are not afraid of using them.

With all this attention on highrollers, it comes as no surprise that beginners and amateurs can feel a bit sidelined. In order to help them overcome this feeling of apparent exclusion, the casino is offering additional free spins to newcomers. To start on the right foot, they receive 50 no deposit free spins and then many more bonus rounds when they make a deposit.

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# 0 Ella
Not the most ambitious girl
I’ll have to settle for the free spins right now, but I hope that in a not so distant future I will join the exclusive group of highrollers at 21Grand Casino.
2017-01-18 22:40 Reply

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