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Casino Splendido launches the £5000 Slots Challenge

Sunday, 28 February 2016 14:04 Written by

Casino Splendido has so many slot machines readily available for fans of the genre, that the paradox of choice is self-evident. It can be pretty difficult to find your game of choice, but the good news is that players shouldn’t have to choose between one slot and the other. Not even when they participate in major competitions is their freedom of movement infringed in any way and they get to explore the immense variety of slot machines.

Take the £5000 Slots Challenge for example, a competition that started earlier this week and will conclude at the end of February. Bear in mind that this month only has 29 days, so you shouldn’t wait until midweek to participate because by then it will be probably too late. The most popular slot machines are eligible and players can spin any of their reels to win a share of the prize pool.

Moving up to the top of the leaderboard is not that difficult if you are dedicated player, but highrollers will have an edge over beginners. The process is the same for all players and they need to start by choosing one team, with each of them having a couple of corresponding slot machines. It is refreshing to hear that all of them belong to the five reel variety, therefore they have 243 winning combinations.

Once you made up your mind and figure out which is your favorite slots, you can focus all your energy on spinning its reels. This is not an individual effort but a team competition, so the entire squad pulls into the same direction and the winners will be unveiled in early March. If you are one of the winners, then you will collect the €3500 reserved to the visitors, but even the vanquished will receive a consolation prize of €1500. Both amount to be divided among the players who finish at the top of the leaderboard.

A quick glance at the official website will highlight the fact that each team has exactly 5 games to choose from, all with fancy graphics and great potential payouts. You will be able to use mobile devices in any case, so there is no reason to assume that one team has an unfair edge over the other. This slots challenge runs at other online casinos as well, so the competition is among hundreds of players and it is virtual he possible to anticipate the outcome.

As the tournament approaches its inevitable conclusion, players can still make a difference by doubling their efforts in the remaining hours. Statistically, Sundays are the days preferred by online gamblers, so even if one team is ahead at the time of writing, these can change by the end of the day. Even tomorrow, the final standings will be altered and the runners-up could overtake the leaders, so stay optimistic and fight on.

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