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Sevens and Stripes slot pays well at Bovada Casino

Thursday, 17 March 2016 13:21 Written by

Bovada Casino has a nice assortment of slot machines and table games, but it still adds new titles on a monthly basis. Many of the new releases are simply added to the existing collection, but every now and then some slot machines spend more time in the spotlight. Whenever members get truly lucky and win a lot of money playing these games, the casino will advertise their success to draw more attention to the aforementioned slot machines.

Sevens and Stripes is not exactly a new game, but for some all the reason it remains one of the most popular titles in their rotation and it is here to stay. Just a couple of days ago, a lucky player from Iowa managed to keep the ultimate winning combination which will trigger the jackpot. It is not necessary to bet a lot of money to have a chance at winning this sizable amount and a regular bet can do that.

That’s exactly what happened for the lucky Iowan who spend a handful of dollars and ended up winning a six-figure amount. She didn’t expect to win the jackpot and when the €105,000 number was displayed on the monitor, the winner was swept off her feet. As it always happens, it took her a while to realize the magnitude of her success and a couple of hours for the thought to sink in.

Bovada Casino knows that it is important to let existing and prospective customers know about the success of its luckiest players, but takes privacy very seriously. That’s why we know so little about the identity of the winner as well as the manner in which he managed to win the jackpot. What is certain is that she won’t have to worry about financial expenses for quite a while and can translate many of her dreams to reality with this newfound fortune.

The slot machine is immensely popular among Americans, because it is inspired by the national history and has low betting limits. In fact, the player who won the six digit amount didn’t bet more than five dollars and this appears to be the standard amount wagered by those who spin its reels. Multipliers can increase the regular payouts, so those who bet larger amounts will naturally win more.

Another American, who goes by the name of Eric these in Nebraska won more than $70,000 playing Dino Island. It doesn’t have a historic theme, but the five reel slot machine is just as popular as Sevens and Stripes and has 243 winning combinations as well. This makes it a great choice for those who want to win decent amounts routinely, while having a chance at claiming a progressive jackpot.

It’s uncertain how much money Eric bet on the faithful round but it’s only fair to say that the return on investment was spectacular. Bovada Casino has plenty of other games that can be played on mobile devices and carrying progressive jackpots, so this is not the last time we hear about a big winner.

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