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Viva Las Vegas with 32Red Casino

Friday, 01 April 2016 18:21 Written by

The fascinating attraction of Las Vegas is still reviewing online gamblers to Sin City, even though the Internet provides them with a convenient alternative to play casino games. 32Red Casino understands better than anyone else that even those who feel comfortable playing online dream about spending a couple of hours in a brick-and-mortar casino. Traveling to Las Vegas can be pretty expensive, not to mention the accommodation and the buy-ins at various casino games.

The solution found is good on so many levels, that players will probably find it to be irresistible and will join in large numbers. The race of a lifetime has begun and throughout April, players will try to finish at the top of the list. There are good reasons for aiming for the top, because the winner is going to spend the time of his or her life in Las Vegas. The chip will be paid by the online casino, so financial concerns won’t affect their enthusiasm and they can enjoy every second spent here.

To speed their way to pole position, players are advised to focus on the most effective games, which usually are slot machines and scratch cards. Table games and video pokers are still on the list, but one would have to wager larger amounts, therefore spend more money to earn the same points. On the bright side, by playing the game that you are familiar with, the odds of actually winning are better, so you could be hitting two birds with one stone.

Players who run into obstacles and attending to give up, should remember the fact that the entire trip is worth €10,000. 32Red Casino will pay this amount and it includes accommodation for six nights in a five-star hotel and a memorable helicopter tour of the amazing Grand Canyon. Players will be able to catch their breath and relax a little bit with a champagne picnic, while also receiving €2000 in spending money. This is a necessary amount for anyone willing to spend some quality time in a land-based casino in Vegas

Only the winner will receive this package, but the other 99 players who make it to the top 10 are going to collect various bonuses. The runner-up will receive €1500 in the form of a casino bonus, which can be used on other slot machines, video pokers and table games. The amounts are smaller and we move further from top 10, but even so players will receive a cool amount that they can add on top of what they earned.

Speaking of which, all those who participate in this promotion will get to keep the profits they make while playing the game. They will also receive Red Ruby loyalty points for betting real cash, so even if they don’t win the first prize, they will still be thrilled with a result. In order to ensure success, players should keep an eye on the competition and frequently check the leaderboard which is updated often.

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