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Unlock DragonZ Achievements at 32Red Casino

Saturday, 12 November 2016 18:04 Written by

32Red Casino has a couple of classic promotions that have been around for quite a while and gained a lot of traction. The thing about these campaigns is that they have so many fans that the casino finds it impossible to replace them. Most of them are not mutually exclusive, so members can sign up for several offers simultaneously and tap into their generosity. The addition of new campaigns needs to fit the profile and the latest one running live here is in line with the existing offers.

DragonZ Achievements can now be unlocked by those who play here. In return for their effort, players will collect bonuses, most of them in the form of free spins but there is no shortage of cash prizes. This is a competition, so the winners will be decided not on luck but based on merit. The good news is that even if you don’t have a lot of time and resources to spend, you won’t go home empty-handed. Pretty much anyone will collect the introductory 20 free games, but this represents just the tip of the iceberg.

Move up the DragonZ Leaderboard

To make the most of this promotion, players should go over the DragonZ achievements guide. This will tell them everything they need to know about this promotion and the best way to outshine opponents. It will be easy to track your progress and all the achievements will be visibly displayed in the personal account section. Players are never more than one click away from freebies and the guaranteed prize pool consists of €2500.

It’s not that difficult as it sounds, but be advised that there will be plenty of people willing to compete for these payouts. It is very important to unlock the achievements but there is no predetermined sequence, so anything goes. 32Red Casino will make sure that the leaderboard is updated often, so information should be refreshed every 15 minutes. Players can get free spins or huge bonuses and they are guaranteed to spend the time of their lives here.

For example, the Frost achievement will unlock 20 free spins, while the Wild one will increase the size of the reward to as many as 200 bonus rounds. If you want to make the most of this promotion, you will need to unlock all the achievements and this can take a while. The deadline is set for November 14, so time is definitely not on your side.

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# 0 Petra
Sounds like a cartoon
I don’t think that I have enough time this weekend to top the leaderboard, but I definitely try.
2016-11-12 18:27 Reply

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