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Join the Life of Riches promo at 32Red Casino

Thursday, 19 January 2017 12:51 Written by

32Red Casino is the place where online gaming enthusiasts are very likely to find bonuses whenever they go online. Action never ends here and whenever a campaign comes to an end, the casino is quick to introduce a new one. All you need is time and a little bit of money to make the most of these chances and the effort is worthwhile. At the time of writing, one particular promotion stands out from the crowd and it goes by the name of Life of Riches.

If you are a video slot enthusiast and this name sounds familiar to you, that’s because the casino has recently added and new slot machine. Life of Riches is a very exciting title that is littered with scatter and wild symbols, that produce free spins and multiplied profits. It also has an original theme, which emanates luxury and encourages players to think big. In terms of payouts, there is no progressive jackpot, but the bonus rounds are capable of producing big winners every time.

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The sheer excitement of this game should convince players that it is worth spinning its reels, even without further freebies. 32Red Casino wants to make sure that those who are playing here, won’t be deprived of the chance to win more when they play for the first time. The learning curve is pretty smooth, but even under these circumstances, bonuses will come in handy and greatly simplify matters for new players.

This is where the New Game Gift pack comes in handy and present players with the opportunity of unlocking up to 200 free games. What usually happens is that players have to settle for significantly less, with a roughly estimate of 20 or 50 bonus rounds. This is still better than receiving nothing in return of your efforts and you can win significantly more by climbing the leaderboard. The further you go, the better the payouts and at the top of the food chain are those who win as much as €2500.

To unlock the free spins, one would have to complete various achievements, so the promotion is highly interactive. The reason for why most players receive 20 free spins is that they are unable to follow through with the entire campaign. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who spend a lot of time, energy and money but also got lucky when they needed most. In return of their hard work, the casino will present them with the maximum payout of €2500.

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Never gonna give up
I have no intention of giving up, but I’ll probably have to accept the 200 free spins offered by 32Red Casino.
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