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The Halloween Howler starts at 32Red Casino

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 22:46 Written by

32Red Casino has so many ongoing promotions that sometimes players might be a bit overwhelmed by all this diversity. It is only fair to shrug when you have so many things to choose from, but right now there is a campaign that stands out from the crowd. It is the one dedicated to Halloween, the celebration that is just around the corner. You could be among those who win a prize by November 30 first, so don’t let this opportunity evade you.

Ideally, players should already be a part of this campaign, yet time is on their side and they can still sign up. Assuming you haven’t opted in for this offer yet, do yourself a favor and complete this essential step right away. You won’t be restricted to games you don’t like or forced to try the latest slot machines introduced by the casino. While others aggressively promote the new games, here you get to play the ones you enjoy and feel comfortable with.

What’s the £20,000 Halloween Howler all about?

32Red Casino chose the name of this promotion is such a way that will leave very little doubts about what it is all about. Basically, you will be competing with your peers for a guaranteed prize of €20,000. It will be awarded to participants in anticipation of Halloween, so it’s your duty to meet the requirements before the end of the promotion. This is set to expire on October 31, so five days from now, you will have no opportunity to claim these juicy bonuses.

There is even a Halloween Howler leaderboard that players can look as if they don’t know exactly where they stand in this competition. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other players competing for the same prizes and you don’t want to fall behind. There are dozens of games to choose from and all of them very exciting, so is going to be a pleasure to advance with this campaign.

The bubbling bonus is waiting for you in the cauldron and luckily for participants it is not too hot to handle. It’s easy to move up the leaderboard if you play on a daily basis and you don’t even need to act as a highroller to triumph. Everyone has a decent chance and the only thing that is expected from players is to take this campaign seriously and respect the terms and conditions.

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# 0 Elliot
I see Red and feel Good
Mark my words, I’m going to finish at the top of the leaderboard or at least make top 10 in this 32Red Casino promotion.
2016-10-25 22:54 Reply

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