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Play Spiderman vs Hulk at Sky Vegas Casino and win big

Friday, 22 April 2016 12:24 Written by

Superheroes are very popular these days, largely due to Hollywood blockbusters, but also popular casino games. If you enjoy spinning the reels of video slots and also have a keen eye for either Spiderman or Hulk, you are in for a treat. Sky Vegas Casino runs a special promotion that will appeal to the fans of both characters, while pitting them against each other. It can be a very exciting competition, and the rare opportunity for those who fancy slot machines, as they are played against the random number generator.

First of all, players will have to make a decision and choose between one of the two superheroes when signing up for this promotion. Once this decision is made, players are supposed to opt in for the campaign and make a deposit of €50 or currency equivalent. The same amount needs to be wagered on the Hulk or Spiderman slot machines and hope that most of the counterparts will follow suit.

It is a tempting proposition and an interesting concept that is not exactly new, because the casino has run similar promotions in the past. Uncertainty is at high levels, so you need to think which character is more likely to draw large crowds, to give yourself a better winning chance. The guaranteed prize pool consists of €5000 and this will be awarded to both the winners and the losers. There is still a distinction, because those who play the game will attract more players are going to get the lion’s share.

Nobody wants to settle for a consolation prize, but this will come in handy, assuming you side with the superhero that lost the race. A deposit and wagering of €50 is mandatory, so there is no way around this requirement and players would be wise to abide by the rules of the promotion. There is however an intelligent way of making sure that you win a prize regardless of the winning superhero and it’s a pretty straightforward solution. Just wager €50 on each of those games and you’ve got all bases covered.

Players are supposed to opt in for this promotion before making the deposit and wagering the necessary cash, otherwise their efforts won’t count. All the players who participate will receive a share of the prize pool, so you won’t go home empty-handed. The amount that will be credited to the accounts of each player depend on the size of the crowd, so ideally you should be rooting for a tiny team, yet large enough to outshine the other squad.

This is a very complex campaign, despite its apparent simplicity and this is what makes it special in the first place. The promotion has started yesterday and will conclude at the end of the week, so you’ve got merely 72 hours to win a prize. You can’t be late to this party, because as long as you make a deposit and wager €50, you will have the same chances to win and those who jump on the bandwagon when it started.

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