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Be a part of the Casino Atlanta May Raffle

Monday, 16 May 2016 06:35 Written by

Online casino games are by definition decided by luck and you need to have it on your side if you hope to win a lot of money over short period of time. Proper bankroll management and the ability to choose the best paying games will help you a lot, but you still need to get lucky if you play video slots. Casino Atlanta presents players with great opportunities to consolidate their bankrolls and this month alone, it will run a special raffle with great prizes.

To participate in this competition, you don’t need to be a highroller or even a veteran, because beginners with tiny bankrolls have the same chances to win. What is expected of you is to be dedicated and make a real money deposit of at least €20, the minimum amount acceptable. This will allow you to make the transition to real money gambling if you’re currently betting virtual currency and explore the entire collection of video slots, table games and pokers.

The May raffle is open to all those who sign up starting on May 12, so this is a relatively new competition. You are not at a disadvantage compared to those who embark on this quest right from the start, not to mention that a deposit of €20 will suffice. Each time you reload your account, a raffle ticket will be credited to you and the more deposit you make, the better the chances to win. This is the only way of improving your chances, but the process is straightforward and there are no strings attached.

The cash pool consists of €5000, so there is definitely money up for grabs and players won’t run out of reasons to sign up. If you have dozens of raffle tickets, you will have a better chance than your counterparts, but you only need one to be in the race. If luck is on your side, then you will win with that so raffle ticket and not even those who show extreme perseverance will stand a chance. At the same time, fortune is known to favor the bold and you should do your share.

Meanwhile, players who spin the reels of video slots and participate in this campaign will also be eligible for a handful of other promotions. Some of them are mutually exclusive, so you will have to make a choice, but there is one particular campaign that is available to everyone. It really doesn’t matter if you participate in the raffle competition or not, every Thursday will be eligible for a 5% cashback on the losses suffered during the previous week.

To better understand the mechanism of this promotion, you should know that players can be reimbursed if they lose at least €200. The reason is that the minimum cash back can’t sink below €10, which represents 5% of the aforementioned amount. The best case scenario is to end up winning, so you won’t even need the cashback and you make your own fortune by playing the games you enjoy.

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# 0 Jonas
The luck is strong with me
I’ve never won the lottery, but this raffle looks like something I could beat. Wish me luck.
2016-05-16 06:42 Reply

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