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Feel the Gold Rush at 888 Casino

Sunday, 26 March 2017 14:39 Written by

888 Casino is happy that spring has arrived, but doesn’t want to see March go just yet. That’s why, it marks the occasion by running one last promotion that will expire at the end of the month. Players who make consecutive deposits will unlock bonuses gradually and have five investments matched. The amount players collect increase significantly and at the end of the series, one can have an extra €8888. To get all this money, one would have to deposit nearly 3 times more, but still it’s a sweet deal.

Qualifying for this promotion is quite easy, since you don’t have to do anything special except for making a deposit. This is the easiest thing to do and you don’t need any previous experience or special training. The first deposit will be matched by 10% up to €200 and the ratio will increase with 10% for each new investment. As for the prizes, you will unlock them in batches of €444, €600, €1200 and the massive €2000. These are all free play prizes, so you need to meet wagering requirements one of them.

Five deposits over less than two weeks

With so much money on the table, many people would be tempted to make all five deposits instantly. It goes without saying that this is a huge financial commitment and only a couple of players can afford it. That’s why 888 Casino will allow players to make five consecutive deposits and match each and every one of them. Even so, you should know that the campaign will come to an end to weeks from now and you can’t afford to postpone anything.

Players who act in a timely fashion, will get the money sooner, so they can use it just as quickly. Even if you have pending free play money, you can still make another deposit and receive more. The only thing that players need to know is that free play money expires two weeks after being awarded. 14 days should be sufficient to claim the bonus rounds and use them, so is not a lot of pressure.

888 Casino will allow players to win as much money as the free play they were granted, so it’s pretty easy to keep track of bonuses. If you play slot machines that carry progressive jackpot games, then the limit no longer applies. This means that you can play one of the best paying games and claim huge amounts, even millions of dollars if you are that lucky. The contribution of different games the first, so if you want to convert the free play into cashable funds quickly, you’d be better off sticking to slots.

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