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Hulk Smash promotion continues at Betfred Casino

Sunday, 13 November 2016 08:25 Written by

Betfred Casino has all the popular Marvel and DC comic inspired slot machines. This means that there is a good chance to find all your favorite characters here when spinning their reels. As always, the addition of new games is followed shortly by equally tempting promotions. That’s probably why so many people who don’t necessarily play slots and care less for comics superheroes play these games.

One of the promotions that can be enjoyed here at the time of writing is dedicated to Hulk. The Green creature is at the cornerstone of a new campaign that has some great bonuses for those willing to check it out. Anyone can sign up and once they opt in for this offer, they will have the chance to recuperate their losses up to €10. The amount is not particularly high, but at least you get 100% refunded. This promotion is far more exciting for beginners and amateurs, since they are more likely to dwell on these amounts.

Hulk Smash is a great promotion

What makes this offer so exciting is that it can be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Even if you have other plans that are more urgent and need to meet wagering requirements for additional bonuses, you’ll still be able to tap into its generosity. Do yourself a favor and play this game even if for only a short while because there is very little to lose. It comes as no surprise that many of those who choose to play are inclined to bet the minimum amount so they will be probably reimbursed in full.

Meanwhile, you can also get the cash reward of €20 if you play this game at Betfred Casino. This is basically a bonus offered on top of the profits made by players, so there’s another way to receive stuff for free. The game itself is very lucrative and with so many winning combinations you need to be quite unlucky not to unlock any of them.

The wild and scatter symbols appear frequently and bring the reels to life on both desktop computers and mobile devices. The game doesn’t carry a progressive jackpot, so this is pretty much the only downside if you choose this over another title. On the bright side, you’ll be winning smaller amounts more often so your bankroll is never going to be in danger of getting crushed.

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# 0 Kristina
Hulk, the best superhero. Ever
I think I’ve played this game or at least heard about it before but I’ll give it a try at Betfred Casino.
2016-11-13 08:33 Reply

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