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Betway celebrates new Playtech game with free spins

Saturday, 13 May 2017 10:34 Written by

Playtech is on a releasing spree and some of these most popular games can already be enjoyed at leading online casinos. Betway definitely features on this list and past performance suggests that the hottest titles are released here before they are available anywhere else. There are a couple of exciting slots announced for this month and some of them are expected to hit the stores over the next couple of days. Obviously, not all of them are revolutionary, but some are truly new and are definitely worth a shot.

American Dad! is a slot machine whose name will definitely sounds familiar to many of those who don’t normally play video slots. That’s because it is inspired by the popular animated sitcom which was launched by Fox Broadcasting Company more than a decade ago. The fact that it is still on air means a great deal and says a lot about its popularity with a broad audience. It is expected that some of the players to make the transition to real money gambling and make the first deposit to play this slot.

A classic story in a new game

Don’t let the fact that American Dad! is such an old TV series because the slot machine is quite new and the same can be said about this game mechanics. You will be able to play the video slot on your mobile device and enjoy some of the most polished graphics to be found anywhere online. It is so much fun spinning its reels that the vast majority of those who gamble here will stop playing other games. This is great news if you don’t have a lot of money because Betway is willing to offer free spins on this slot.

The game has high paying symbols and can trigger multiple winning combinations whose profits are maximized by the arrival of wild symbols. Don’t forget about the scatter signs, because these are the ones responsible for triggering free spins. These can be added on top of the ones offered by the casino, so if you get lucky and hit the right sequence, you can spin the reels for free long time. James Frendo, Casino Director at Playtech was the first break the news and announced the fact that the game will be released at multiple casinos until the end of the month.

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